Watersall Instant Hydration

Recipe for Beautiful Skin………..Just Add Water!..... Instant hydration….pure and simple…..

Don’t just wish for better skin; mist for better skin. watersall and splash cool*- unique products that add back the basic element skin needs to look healthy, vibrant and youthful. Pure water- delivered by an ultra-fine mist replenishes the surface of the skin to plump, soothe and refresh. Watersall and Splash Cool are purified, sterilized pharmaceutical grade water in a recyclable can propelled with medical grade nitrogen to ensure the highest standards of quality. Watersall and Splash Cool are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. So, don’t muddy the water with fragrances, alcohol, preservatives or drying chemicals.

* watersall and splash cool are identical products, merchandised in 2 different package designs.


Watersall Instant Hydration 1.7oz

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