The Wave™ Single Self-Merchandiser

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The Wave™ Single Self-Merchandiser

SAY GOODBYE TO WINE HEADACHES!                                                      

The Wave® wine purifier & aerator is the only single use product available that purifies your wine by removing both histamines and sulfites from an entire bottle of wine.


Quick, Easy & Chemical Free

Patented PureWine™ purification is proven safe and effective in independent tests. Does not add any harsh chemicals to your wine. FDA compliant and BPA-Free.


The Wave™ wine purifier & aerator is the only single use product available that purifies your wine by removing both histamines and sulfites from an entire bottle of wine.


Once removed from the packaging, the air tube that is enclosed with The Wave® should be inserted no more than ½ inch into the stem segment. A detailed instruction card shows how simple it is to prepare The Wave® for use.


The Wave® should then be inserted snugly into the mouth of the wine bottle. Your wine is purified and aerated as it is poured into your glass. The flow rate of wine through The Wave® is controlled by how steeply the bottle is positioned. The steeper the bottle, the faster the wine will pour. After the first glass is poured, there may be a small delay of a few seconds before wine comes through the filter housing. 


The Wave® should not be used with 1.5 Liter or larger bottles or with effervescent wines such as champagnes or Prosecco. If only a portion of the bottle is used, the Wave® should not be stored on the bottle overnight. Instead, the Wave® should be removed from the bottle and discarded in the waste. The bottle should be recorked and a new Wave™ should be used when the rest of the bottle is consumed.


Why Choose The Wave?

• Eliminates Wine Headaches

• Removes Histamines & Sulfites

• Single Use, Per Bottle Solution

• Available In Singles & 3 Packs

• Purifies As You Pour

• Enhances The Natural Taste Of Wine

• Restores Opened Wine Gone Bad