Hovans Medi Cream

Dubbed “from down under for down under” Hovan’s Creams are developed for in-grown hairs. The natural active ingredients work with skin and hair at the cellular level to work wonders.

• Resorcinol gently exfoliates (microscopic peeling action).
• Vitamin A opens the follicle for the resorcinol to work on a cellular level; it weakens the hair so that it grows straight out of the skin rather than curl back in. Within 2 weeks, the hair emerges as a regular normal hair, which can then be removed by waxing or shaving. 
• Bromelain is a food grade enzyme derived from pineapple which soothes and rejuvenates traumatized damaged skin into “baby face” smoothness. 
• Australian Tea Tree Oil is added for unsurpassed antioxidant and antibacterial properties.


Bikini Saver/ Hovan's Medi Cream

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